Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tha Carter III

Chad Ford of ESPN brought the Vince Carter to Los Angeles Clippers deal to my attention. That would be spectacular. Well, could be in the present. I don’t really care about the Clippers future. With them, I’m all about the here and now, and bringing in Vince Carter to replace two, let’s face it, dead beat players, would be the huge boost this team needs.

He’s still got all-star talent, and, if properly motivated, maybe even more than that. Add him to Baron Davis, Al Thornton, Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman and the Clips suddenly transform from a potentially good team, to a rather dangerous one.

Sure, the 4 years at $16 million per is scary for the future, but so is the big contract we just handed over to the injury-prone Baron Davis.

And what of newly drafted Eric Gordon in all this? The great thing about Vince is that he’s perfect for Eric Gordon because he’s such a good distributor. Eric can move over to the point guard position and Vince can handle the rock. Or, VC can slide over to the small forward slot and let Eric get his shots in at the 2.

That would completely revamp a Clippers offense that was mired in the lower third of the league the past two seasons. It also gives the team potentially, four all-star caliber players and a bench of young, up-and-coming players with upside.

For the Nets, well, they get two veterans who can help the young guys gro…okay, for reals? They get two contracts that equal Vince’s but come off the books two years earlier—just in time for the Lebron sweepstakes.


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