Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Ideal Deal with Appeal

Don’t see any downside to this deal.

AI brings the killer instinct and necessary shot creator the Mavericks sorely lack and need. Plus, he can still average 8 plus assists. He brings heart and a little swagger to a Mavs team led by the stick-up-his-ass, vanilla of Dirk Nowitzki.

J-Kidd is exactly the type of point guard that J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony and even Nene need to skyrocket their abilities. Kidd was also, albeit several years ago, very, very good for Kenyon Martin. And in the Nuggets, er, George Karl’s high-octane offense, Kidd is the perfect playmaker who needs very few shots (his attempts have dropped dramatically over the past couple of years) and can rebound like a forward.

Their salaries match up and neither team is likely to re-sign either if the teams remain as currently constructed.

Do it. Let’s get some good basketball going in Dallas and Denver.

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