Monday, October 27, 2008

If Hornets are Truly In Win Now Mode

Since acquiring James Posey this off-season, to give them a “clutch” x-factor-type player off the bench, the Hornets have given all indication that they are trying to win now, especially when SF was a position that they had some depth at (Rasual Butler, Julian Wright in addition to Peja). What they sorely lack (check for more info) is big men outside their stud starters. Any sort of big men with a pulse. Sorry, Hilton Armstrong still is not satisfactory. Enter a trade for Joe Smith. He’s a veteran with a lot to offer a young team. He’s been through playoff wars, helped another youngin (Lebron) to the Eastern Conference championship, and has a pretty sweet jumper out to about 17 feet (a la David West). He brings toughness, guile, sturdy defense, and some rebounding and would work spelling either Chandler or West at any point in the game. The Son—er, Thunder, would do this trade because they lack outside shooters and Butler provides that and perimeter defense. They'd have to take on his extra year because the Hornets would also be giving up the high upside in Julian Wright. Putting Durant, Green and Wright together (ages 20, 22, and 21 respectively), would give the team three, incredibly young and gifted 6-9 players that would create match-up nightmares with their length, athleticism, and abilities to handle the ball (still in progress for Green and Wright) and pass. Add to them Russell Westbrook and that's a newschool team with a heap of talent.

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